Successfully Selling and Servicing to All Cultures

Why this topic?

The population in general is becoming increasingly multicultural. One-fifth of Canada’s population was born outside of Canada (much higher in urban centres)-making it one of the fastest growing niche markets today. Second and third generation immigrants are highly influenced by parental values, beliefs and cultural nuances. With diversity comes opportunity, and potential for growth in sales, brand loyalty and profitability. By building trust and rapport through understanding, recognizing and respecting cultural differences, successful companies can capitalize and profit from this often untapped market.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Work less, sell more: Increase repeat and referral business cross-culturally
  • Are we speaking the same language? Successful cross-cultural negotiations
  • When yes means no: How communication styles differ across cultures
  • Multicultural marketing: Spending dollars strategically in multicultural markets
  • Non-verbal communication aka “The Seinfeld Syndrome”: Are you a loud talker and losing business because of it?
  • What women need to know to succeed cross-culturally
  • I don’t understand: When strong accents inhibit communication and what to do about it
  • Million dollar mistakes: How global companies fail due to a lack of understanding cultural differences